Just attended P.T. Special Stage at the KONAMI booth in Tokyo Game Show 2014.

Hideo Kojima began explaining what P.T. was to him by saying that it was an experiment for him. As you guys might know he is a horrow movie fanatic, and he said that he personally thought that there were no games…

I have goosebumps reading this. I’ve always been a fan of the Silent Hill series, but reading about someone taking on the project with such a sense of personal interest is inspiring. Im so hopeful and eager to see where Kojima takes this beautiful series.

I’ve watched the concept video several times and cant get enough, and I’ve beaten P.T. over a dozen times now, each time picking up on more detail and depth than before. Which to me, is the root of what made Silent Hill so great!

You could play through, beat it, and say that was a good game. Or you can become enveloped by it, picking away at details the weave an intricate story. Piecing together a puzzle with a community of commited fans that are just as in love as you are.